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Welcome to International Concealed Carry Federation (ICCF).

Members of ICCF can be all registered members of Concealed Carry Associations, Members of NRA, Citizens with Concealed Carry License, Close Protection Officers and of course also welcome is any Law Enforcement Officer.

Basic reason of the foundation of ICCF is the support of its members with Education, Training and Equipment. All premium members are registered members, with checked background and their mental condition.

Be a member of ICCF and let us help you to stay safe, against accidents and legal problems because of concealed carry or ...use.

If you are a CPO and you don't have a License, be a member of ICCF and "fight" for your right in Concealed Carry!! Not only criminals must have the option to carry a gun!

Lawful citizens must be able to carry a firearm and protect their lives, especially in countries with high crime rate (but not only)!

Registered Close Protection Officers (CPOs) they must be able to protect their lives and the lives and property of their clients.
How else can survive if they receive attack from armed criminals or terrorists?

ICCF is supported officially by World Bodyguards Association - WBA and by CPOs and Law Enforcement Officers around the world.

We need to clear that ICCF doesn't offer licenses. This is an issue of every country's authorities and laws.
ICCF accepts as members those they have a license and supports those they want to have one, but the results aren't sure, because stronger are the laws of your country.

Our mission is to support you, but mostly we want to support the authorities of your country to make the correct decision and help the professional CPOs to stay safe, by giving them the option of concealed carry.

Of course this isn't an easy issue and before this happen they must create also a very strict law about concealment, like: "if you demonstrate your gun, this will be a criminal case against you, because this action must count it as an act of a threat and probably you can go also in prison for that".

Concealment is a very serious issue and we will be the first to demand a very strict law to protect community.

What we really want is to create a fair balance between criminals and lawful CPOs.

Today in many countries -especially in Europe- only criminals can carry a gun.
For most of us it's a very easy issue to search and find an illegal gun. But CPOs aren't criminals. They'd prefer to risk their lives than to carry a gun without a license. This happened because CPOs are serious professionals and they respect always the laws.

How professional CPOs will protect themselves and their clients without to carry a gun???

An easy action from many governments is:
They pretend that the profession of CPO doesn't exist!!!
And in order to convince us all, they're calling CPOs ..."security guards".

Security Officers aren't CPOs.
Police Officers aren't CPOs.
Bouncers aren't CPOs.
Only CPOs are CPOs.

In a specific European country the law is: You aren't able to call yourself a CPO because CPOs can be only Police officers (!!????). Why? Because we aren't allow you to have a gun and how you can be a CPO without a gun? (also wrong! Because close protection it isn't provided only by carrying guns. There is another also very serious part of the job of CPOs, which is to avoid to be in a risky situation and prevent the exposure in danger. But not always is possible to work. For these cases they need the extra protection of a gun).

So. Police are CPOs? And what this means??

If a movie star visits the country, must be used tax money to protect him/her???
This is a proper and fair action by the government??? Why people must pay taxes to protect a star or a businessman??
And also, in periods which criminality demands as more police officers as possible, why we have to "spend" them to protect movie stars, instead to reduce criminality by patrolling??

Dear lawmakers! CPOs profession EXISTS!!
This is something which FREE countries aren't able to stop it!!
It's a totally lawful profession, reports directly to the police and supports police whenever this is necessary!!

By exposing in a deadly danger a serious number of professionals, is ....against any constitution of every free country!!

Lawmakers must think seriously about the today's reality!
Organized crime and terror-groups will not wait until police goes to the area. They will hit our unarmed members and governments will be responsible for lives will be lost for no reason.

You must NOT afraid controlled guns. These are totally safe for the community, especially if you create serious laws.
Criminal's guns are the problem. There you must try to find a way to do something and when you remove all guns from criminals and black market, then we will give back also ours.

Until then allow us to stay safe! We don't ask it. We demand it!!
You are responsible for the lives of countless unarmed CPOs!!

Dear fellow Close Protection Operative,

Be our member today!!

Make our voice stronger!
If you are a registered member of NRA, or any other similar Association with ICCF or NRA, we will refund you the 50% of the membership fees (valid only for our Premium membership), by sending us the membership number and a picture of your NRA membership card.
We aren't representatives of NRA, but we accept it as the most accredited Association in America.
We thank Allien Gear Holsters for their amazing background picture
and the 3WDOTCOM for the security solutions to our email communications, via the Secure Email Club.
ICCF fights for the rights of CPOs for Concealed Carry.
Be an ICCF member NOW! Avaliable also FREE membership!
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